About Us



Our founder, Keilaye Rose, is a young makeup artist with over 5 years experience. Keilayé was inspired to start Keilayé Cosmetics after realizing the demand of lashes as an makeup artist. She says “when working with clients you never know what kind of style your client is  going for and it’s important to have lashes on deck. They bring the whole look together!”.  Our lashes are luxury, high quality hand made lashes.We want to provide our customers with  great quality and comfortable lashes.  Overall Keilayé Cosmetics will soon expand when it comes to products. Releasing  brushes, bronzers, blushes and other tools and products that any MUA or your everyday beauty can use when doing their makeup. Make sure to follow us on social media to be updated on announcements and new releases. You won’t want to miss it!